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a community of powerful women coming together to own their magic, shine their light, build financially abundant and soulfully aligned life – one month at a time.


Let’s accept this – you don’t know what you don’t know and we all need guidance from someone who has been there and done what we deeply desire to do. My mission through this membership is to guide and mentor you to become limitless, become financially abundant, share your gifts with the world and stand in your divine power. We’re meant to live an extraordinary, phenomenal life and I don’t believe in anything less than that.

Hey gorgeous soul,

Before we dive into what this membership is all about and how can it help you live voraciously aligned, abundant and authentic life, I want to share my intention behind everything I do in the journaling world. 

For a very long time, I lived believing that I wasn’t enough to live an aligned, abundant life that I always desired. I thought this kind life was just not for me until I started doing some deep inner-healing work.

Let me tell you, talking about all the shiny words like abundance and alignment is indeed catchy but the path towards that is something no one really talks about. It takes the courage to work on yourself, to take responsibility of your healing, to sit with yourself even when it’s freaking uncomfortable, to cry yourself out, to heal your inner-child, to practice the routines and rituals, to crush those limiting beliefs and shift your mindset, to embrace the raw you and wake up every single day with an intention to know your power, to know your magic, to fulfil your purpose on earth. 

I know this is not easy and this is the sole reason why I want to help you. 

My sole intention for creating this membership is to have a community of women who comes together to heal themselves, break the cycle of suffering and claim their healthy, wealthy life. 

I want to see women at top and live the life they truly desire.

"I received my first paying order after 3 months"

Take a moment to see if this resonates:

You want to share your gifts with the world but you're struggling with overwhelming thoughts.

You long to have clarity in your business but you feel confused when it comes to making things work.

You feel stuck and frustrated because you aren't seeing any growth in your business.

You deeply desire to have a soul-led business but you're scared of failing and not making it through.

You feel disconnected within and with your higher purpose. You want to discover your DHARMA.

You deeply desire to live a financially abundant life but you don't know HOW!!

You want to get connected to your inner-wiser self and become limitless.

You are ready to manifest your wildest life and soulfully aligned business with a powerful community.

Inside the membership, each month you will receive:

Monthly Brain-storming session

Every month we shall get together
and brain-storm on our new offers,
content creation for socials, launches, ideations, creativity. This will be your chance to take a peep into collective's brain and bring newness into your business.

Soul-led business

Every month, you get the chance
to get coached by me to move your business to the next level and bring in clarity and income. I focus on mindset and energetics more than startegy.
These sessions are literally GOLD.
Replays available.

Full moon / New moon journal rituals

Harness the power of moon and
feminine energy to bring flow,
joy, magic to your creations. Bring your journals to these circles and we shall unlock our feminine power
for our soul-led business.
Replays available.

Subconscious journaling

Journaling will remain the core of everything we do in here because this beautiful art will help you access your subconscious brain.
This is where you'll get the 'aha' moments to lead your business in the most authentic way. I shall upload new prompts every month to help you connect with your innermost self.

Expert guest workshop

Every month inside the membership, I invite an expert guest to help you with the startegics, mindset and energetics of business all along with chaneling
inner wisdom and guidance
to share your gifts with the world.
The sessions will be recorded if you cannot attend them live.
Replays available.

Quarterly business
visioning workshop

How about getting aligned with your grand vision and manifesting soul-aligned goals every new quarter?
I hear you!!!
This is why we have quarterly visioning workshop for a soul-led creator like you.
Get ready to manifest your wildest dreams and become limitless.
Replays available.

Ohh!! Did you think this is it?... The membership also includes:

  • 7 gorgeously guided journals created by me on various topics like inner-child healing, future self journaling, higher self journaling, forgiveness, release, re-write the stars all for you to keep forever.
  • The entire masterclass library; with 1 x new masterclass every month.
  • Golden hour coaching sessions from July 2022.
  • Expert guest sessions on Activating Intuition, Inner child healing through play, Human design 101 and much more.
  • Full moon/ new moon recorded rituals.
  • Workbooks and prompts to help you dive deeper into your magic.
  • Private Facebook community of soul-led women to help you grow and feel the power of community.

I am so, so forever grateful, forever a changed person. Thankyou my favorite coach.

There have been lots of amazing things that I experienced in my life. One of them must be told. That’s coming face to face with my anger through the help of my coach, Sonia. To be exact, I never perceived myself as an angry person, but once I looked further I was angry at many things, people, myself and it showed. Before the course, I was feeling irregulated with my feelings and emotions. My thoughts got the best of me and I was not functioning at a level that I was pleased with. After spending four weeks with Anger Journaling, I not only realized how to become in charge of my emotions, but also accepting myself, who I was, what I went through, serving myself right, and implementing the SUPERHERO qualities Sonia helped me see I had all along. My adult life as a mother of three and wife will never be like it was, but much more enjoyable. I am now able to care for myself in ways I neglected before and can nurture my inner child when she needs me. It’s substantial, the positive shift I have made in my life since then. I am so, so forever grateful, forever a changed person. Thank you to my favorite coach.

Souraya Matar

Marriage and Family therapist

I hear you!! It's frustrating to be alone in business and figure all
things mindset, energetics, strategy behind creating your soul-led business.

When you journal, you get awareness of what’s happening inside of you, you unravel yourself and dig deeper to the roots of your thoughts. This is where healing takes place. Once you learn the skill of shifting your thoughts, you get the power to create your desired reality. So much of manifestation is about knowing and healing yourself.

You have everything it takes to create an aligned, abundant, authentic life for yourself.

I truly believe that we are the Universe in human form and we have everything it takes to create the life we desire. When you master the skill of shifting your thoughts, managing your emotions, channeling your inner-wisdom; you’re bound to create the life you deeply love. Heaven and earth will align to make it happen for you when you choose to show up for yourself.

This is the core reason why I created Becoming Limitless Membership.

It’s time to own our magic, share our gifts, stand in our power and build the soul-led business from the place of abundance, alignment and authenticity.

Imagine your LIMITLESS version:

This was the version of me I wrote in my journal every single day until I became her and I want you to experience the similar transformation, the magic, the breakthroughs, the life-expanding ‘AHA’ moments I had when I started journaling consistently.

This community is all what you need to become your higher version.


BONUS #2 Quantum Shift your Reality video series - $97

BONUS #3 Seize your Super Attractor Energy video series - $97


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Quarterly payment (three month payment)


Meet your mentor, journal coach!!

Hey there, I’m Sonia, Certified journal coach, an author, podcast host and founder of The Journaling Collective.

Three years ago I was stuck in a toxic workplace where I lost my sanity. I was extremely frustrated and anxious with the happenings in my life. This was when I started journaling to help myself heal and manage my thoughts. I started writing morning pages and what once was an outlet for my heavy emotion, became the medium to connect within and explore my hidden magic.

It was through journaling that I found myself, I found my aligned purpose, my dharma on earth. Journaling helped me explore my inner magic which led me manifest my deepest desires such as manifesting my partner, our aligned businesses, soulful friendships, thriving relationships and so much more.

I’m incredibly grateful to my younger self who decided to journal and build the life she always desired.

Let me teach you the same inside the membership community.



I deeply value the work Sonia is doing and I highly recommend her as a journal coach.

When I discovered yourjournaloach (Sonia) on Instagram I was immediately drawn to the content. Sonia’s posts resonated with me deeply and after a few weeks, I decided to DM her and ask for a one-time free session with her to see if we would be a good fit. I knew after our first session together that I wanted to learn more from Sonia and really dig in and do more work to uncover a lot of things that were holding me back from being the best version of myself possible. I also enjoy writing and it had been so long since I sat down to write that I thought journaling would be a great way to reignite the creative spark in me. Sonia is caring, thoughtful, insightful, and informative and provides useful feedback that allows me to get the most out of work together. I deeply value the work Sonia is doing and highly recommend Sonia as a journaling coach.

Nissa Francisco


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Monthly payment of



Quarterly payment (three month payment)



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After the payment is done, you’d be receiving an email from Sonia’s School Teachable with your login and password details. Also, you’d be getting an invite to join our private facebook community.

All the women who are ready to tap into their inner – power and claim their aligned, abundant and authentic life and business.

This community is for both – the beginners as well as seasoned journalers. You will be equipped with the tools and guidance to get you started with journaling besides you will always have my personal support whenever you feel stuck.

All the calls inside the membership are recorded. You will be able to catch the replay at your own pace.

Absolutely!! Not only will you experience  major mindset shifts through my personal coaching but would also become self-reliant for your own healing through the powerful journaling  techniques.

Remember, I will always be in your corner guiding and cheering you as you embark on the journey of becoming the higher version of yourself.

Absolutely not. I have mindfully designed this membership program to fit your busy life.

Throughout the month, you will get plenty of time to watch the coaching sessions and practice journaling at your own pace.

This is an intentional space and there’s no rush at all.

We have two options for you, a monthly plan of $35 or the three month payment of $80 (you save $25)

Well, don’t worry, my friend. I’ve got your back. Just shoot us an email with your questions to [email protected] and you’ll hear back from us.

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